August 4, 2017

How to recycle aluminum foil

With the rapid development of modern industrial technology, aluminum foil technology and products with each passing day, more and more aluminum foil products have been widely used in people living various fields, bring people convenience, but also brought a lot of disadvantages. Its scrap and waste not only all over the place, but also into every corner of people’s lives. For these “white garbage” seriously affect the human living environment and quality of life, and the amount is unabated, not only pollute the environment and caused a great waste of resources. So the recycle aluminum foil is significant.

recycle aluminum foil

Recycle aluminum foil is recycling from aluminum foil mills, capacitor plants, cable plants, pharmaceutical plants, food and beverage plants and other aluminum foil packaging industries, which can not recycle directly because it affect the quality of other materials, but also cause waste and pollution, but can not be used for scrap aluminum recycling. Because the aluminum content of recycle aluminum foil from the recovery of different sources and different. Therefore, the recovery and separation of waste aluminum foil is very necessary.


The recycling process of waste aluminium foil is simple, the recovery aluminum can be further used in the manufacture of aluminum products, pulp for paper mill recycling paper, so the recycle aluminum foil can not only clean the environment, but also a certain economy benefit. Aluminum foil and paper, aluminum foil and plastic completely separated after artificial primary, mechanical broken, chemical treatment machinery separation, selection and other processes, drying, packaging. After the process, the recycle aluminum foil can smelting into aluminum ingots, it is fine raw material of silver powder factory, fireworks factory, aluminum plant (made of aluminum), according to our investigation, the current product in short supply, the market has great potential.

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