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December 25, 2018

Hot sale china aluminium foil for medicine

The china aluminium foil for medicine use 8011 and 8021 aluminum foil with temper O and H18. The medicine aluminium foil 8011 8021 has a thickness of 0.04mm-0.065mm and is commonly used in the production of cold-form foil, alu alu foil, aluminum blister foil, pvc/pvdf/pe/pet alu foil. The 8011 8021 aluminum foil has its own unique […]

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November 16, 2018

Aluminium foil for pharmaceutical packaging

In daily life, the application of medicinal aluminum foil is very extensive and mature. The main uses of aluminium foil for pharmaceutical packaging are blister pack of medicine capsules, tablets, bag packaging of powder granules and water. Due to it is direct contact with the taken medicine product, so the performance requirements are very strict. The aluminum foil for pharmaceutical packaging […]

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