November 1, 2022

Tobacco Aluminum Foil

Tobacco aluminum foil in cigarette packaging materials plays an important role in preserving fragrance and preventing moisture. The thickness of tobacco aluminium foil is basically 0.0063-0.0065mm. The tobacco aluminum foil paper mainly use 1235 aluminum foil and 1145 aluminum foil with soft temper, especially the combination of aluminum foil and paper, integrates the shielding properties of aluminum foil with the strength of paper, which further improves the shielding performance of water vapor, air, etc., which is necessary as a packaging material for tobacco packaging.

tobacco aluminum foil

Tobacco is afraid of moisture and smell, which will affect its own taste. Silver and golden tobacco aluminum foil paper is a special metal wrapping paper that is airtight and opaque. After being used, it can temporarily isolate the tobacco from the air. It is well known that many sources of moisture are in the air. Once the humidity in the air is too high, tobacco will absorb moisture. After temporarily isolating them from the air with aluminum foil for cigarette, it is equivalent to separating the moisture in the air to ensure that the tobacco will not be affected by the moisture. Even if it is kept for a longer time (not to exceed the shelf life), it will not be affected by moisture and affect normal sales.


The tobacco aluminum foil have the technical parameter asL

1, The basis weight of cigarette inner lining paper is generally between 50-100g/m2

2, The cigarette lining paper is used to wrap the cigarettes in the small box of the cigarette pack, and it plays an isolation role of preserving fragrance and moisturizing. The inner lining aluminum foil paper is generally not subjected to complex printing again, so there is no high requirement for indicators such as smoothness, gloss and adhesion of the aluminum layer;

3, Composite aluminum foil paper has become a material with development potential, it has high barrier to light, gas, water and anti-corrosion, when the speed changes rapidly, the material will not undergo any deformation.

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