February 14, 2023

Aluminum Foil For Flexible Duct

Aluminum foil for flexible duct is a highlighting product of Haomei Aluminum Foil, we are specialized in produce aluminum foil in ventilation system. As living standards get better and better, more and more electrical appliances or new home appliances are used in our homes. We often see it on the range hood in the kitchen, on the water heater, and some ventilation pipes. Aluminum foil air duct looks similar to the shape of a caterpillar, but its color is more silvery white. And it can be stretched freely, which is convenient and comfortable to use.


Specifications and quotations of aluminum foil for flexible duct are:

Alloy: 8011

Status: O/H22/H18

Thickness: 0.008-0.13mm

Width: 60-1215mm (the width of some export products will change but generally not more than 1280mm)

aluminum foil for flexible duct

The aluminum foil air duct is made of aluminum foil for air duct material, and there are many specifications. Its characteristics are that it is made of tensile reinforced aluminum foil, and there are spiral steel wires inside to support the inner shell. It can also work under high temperature and high pressure environment, and it also has flame retardant properties. It is mainly suitable for UV machines, as well as air conditioning and ventilation systems for industrial dust removal and suction machines. The main point is that the fire resistance is particularly strong, and the flame retardancy is strong, which meets the standards of my country’s standard materials. In addition, it has strong thermal conductivity and good heat preservation ability. Because the material is green and environmentally friendly, the material is particularly clear, smoke-free and non-toxic. The service life is at least 20 years or more.


In terms of fire protection, under high-temperature flames, aluminum foil for flexible duct will not deform, age, or fall, but only carbonize the surface. Can be anti-corrosion, acid and alkali resistance is very strong. Moreover, in terms of energy saving and thermal conductivity, it has an excellent thermal insulation system. In terms of safety, the aluminum foil composite air duct mainly reduces the burden on the building.

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